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Letis Europe

- Lock service 24/7/365
- Mechanical lock systems
- Manufacturing...
- Complex perimeter security
- Wholesale
About us...

Our company, LETIS Hungary Ltd. is a Hungarian business venture based in Budapest. Our activities are carried out both through our partners and by our 14 colleagues working full time, out of whom 4 are responsible for the administrative tasks, 3 manage the workshop-related tasks and 7 attend service-related duties.

Our vision is maintaining a business activity, which adds value not only to our customers, but to employees and the wider community we operate in.

We focus on sustainable expansion of our business and prefer to use and wholesale brands from producers, which are able to maintain independence in the mechanical security technology business.

Long term strategy of the business includes creation of an European Union wide association for mechanical security producers and service providers, governed together with our partners sharing the same ethical values as we do.

Yours faithfully,            

Kámán Levente
         Levente Kámán

Our activities

24 Hour Emergency and General Lock Service

Since 1991...

Our lock service division plays a key role in the field of security technology in Hungary.
Our services are available for the private, business and public sectors alike.

Construction of mechanical locking systems

Since 2002…

Our lock guards, lock systems and other security technology products provide the mechanical protection and practical applicability of doors and windows.

Door and window manufacturing

Since 2006…

Thanks to our workshop assistance, we manufacture security doors and windows, primarily bars, entrance doors and glass portals. Our inventory offers not only the standard commodities but also certain “Jansen” steel profiles as well.

Complex perimeter security

Since 2012…

We design complex security systems that combine state-of-the art mechanical and electric security technology solutions and devices.


Since 2016...

We seek to form partnerships with EU based (primarily retail) dealers and service providers that have the proper professional and financial background to be able to meet the needs of the given region.
Strategic Alliances