Letis Europe: Construction of mechanical locking systems

Construction of mechanical locking systems

Since 2002…

Our lock guards, lock systems and other security technology products provide the mechanical protection and practical applicability of doors and windows.

The key to a proper security technology is the availability of the right products and components. Our specialised products and locking systems serve as the means of modernisation of the subsequent reinforcement, repair and modernisation of doors and windows already in place.

Categorisation of our products:

  • mechanical protection of doors
  • lock guard for windows
  • lock systems
  • accessories

The extensive understanding of the products available on the market, furthermore their compatibility with one another is essential to a proper security technology service as there are various doors and windows and not least an infinite number of intrusion methods known. Therefore it is an absolute necessity to have the right partnership with the representatives of global brands. On the one hand, it is essential for us not only to be able to follow, but also to support product development. Moreover, it is also crucial to acquire the best products in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price.

Besides our own products we specifically offer the products of various manufacturers (even combining them in several instances) on the basis of the security needs of our clients.

Strategic Alliances