Letis Europe: Door and window manufacturing

Door and window manufacturing

Since 2006…

Thanks to our workshop assistance, we manufacture security doors and windows, primarily bars, entrance doors and glass portals. Our inventory offers not only the standard commodities but also certain “Jansen” steel profiles as well.

The three most important conditions of the complex security technology service:

  1. expertise in service
  2. workshop assistance
  3. capacity

To assure adequate mechanical protection,it is occasionally required to manufacture a new door or window, or to modify the original one. Depending on the material and the structure, the manufacturing of the following products is carried out in either our own workshop and/or through one of our partners:

  • steel-structure door bars and window bars – security and/or wrought iron design
  • steel-structure, mostly glass window doors or windows using „Jansen” materials, primarily for the business and public sectors (security, panic, fireproof, smoke proof, thermo-block or no thermo-block designs)
  • solid timber, wood-aluminium and wood-steel structure doors and windows, primarily for the private sector

In the field of security technology there is a need for professionals who, beyond being familiar with the skills of the basics of their profession, are also capable of keeping up with the trends and developments of their profession and specialising in one of the segments of security technology.

The key to the long-term continuation of the business:

  • high-quality service
  • the right products
  • the right supplier relations

We keep improving our workshop, team of professionals and supplier background in light of all of the above, which help us to obtain a key role in both the Hungarian and the EU security technology field.

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