Letis Europe: Wholesale


Since 2016...

We seek to form partnerships with EU based (primarily retail) dealers and service providers that have the proper professional and financial background to be able to meet the needs of the given region.


One thing we do is the manufacturing and distribution of „own-brand” and „global brand” security technology products. The products we offer do not exist as competition to one another but rather complete each other; they offer specialised solutions with their unique features and optimum value for money ratios. Each brand and type has their strengths and place of destination, which guarantees that we can meet the demands of the market.

We have been offering security technology services in the Hungarian market ever since 1991. We have had time to gain experience and to get acquainted with the demands of the market participants. The acquired practical and theoretical knowledge not only makes it possible for us to offer affordable security to our end users, but to also provide „welfare revenues” for partners.

In the long run, cooperation systems and communities of interests stay sustainable if the business policy is altruistic and the distribution of the given products, as an economic community, is exclusive, which makes it transparent and easy-to-organize.

Our security technology service necessitates for us to have flexible relations with each of our relevant manufacturing partners. It was necessary for the acquisition of the thousands of various products, but far from being sufficient. In recent years we reached a point where having a contractual relationship with certain representatives of global brands became inevitable. In the case of certain manufacturers it proves to be working to such an extent that the wholesale rights to specific product lines have been given to us.

We typically do two types of wholesale activities:

  • distribution of specific global brands – mainly in Hungary, as retailer
  • distribution of own products as wholesaler, all across Europe
Strategic Alliances